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Helping women feel comfortable in their own skin.

About us...

Body contouring dates back to the 16th century. For many years, people have been using different techniques based on aesthetic and cultural practices to make their necks longer, their feet smaller and give the illusion of a small waist by using rings, binding techniques and corsets. With the evolving technology available to us now, we are able to use non-invasive practices to shrink fat cells, tighten aging or sagging skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

At The Contour Cove, our main goal is to make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Most of us have insecurities, whether they are small or noticeable to others. Our philosophy is that life is too short to not feel great about ourselves. Confidence comes from so much more than solely our appearances, however, more than half the population cites their weight or skin appearance as a factor in how they feel about themselves.

The methods we use utilize technology that has already been proven to be effective in various medical treatments and has been customized to specifically target fat cells and produce collagen. Using cavitation (ultrasound technology) and radio frequency (electromagnetic wave) along with laser lipolysis and lymphatic massage, we can help get you to your goals sooner and more efficiently!

Life is too short
to not feel great
about ourselves.

"I had an amazing experience during my appointment with Erika the space was very inviting and clean. she was very professional. I'm super pleased with my results just after 1 session. I'll be visiting again :) "

- A

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